Status is the easiest way to stay in touch with your closest family and friends. This is the first time in my life that I've worked on something that I use every day.

You can see the website here.

TechCrunch reviewed it here. And the folks at Product Hunt shared their thoughts here. (We actually had the highest vote total for all products during our Launch week.)


Agent is an Android super utility. It also happens to be one of the two main apps that my company makes. My responsibilities are generally focused on the design and implementation of the user interface. It's a challenging product, but I've never had so much fun building anything.

I've detailed some of the design inolved in Agent here.

The press has written about it here, here, and here.

TechCrunch named it one of the "Best Apps of 2013".

Trading Simulator

Imagine you're running a currency trading desk. People can buy or sell currency from you. If you wait long enough, buy orders can cancel out with sell orders. But sometimes, those orders must be externalized (you must buy on behalf of a buyer, or sell on behalf of a seller).

This simulator explores this hypothetical.


I have a lot of chat logs on GroupMe™. That's why I wrote SearchMe -- a simple tool that you can connect to your GroupMe™ account (or modify from open source) to search through chat logs. You can use it to constrain searches by words, speakers, and dates.

Stamen Muzei
Stamen Muzei is an Android plugin for Muzei. It changes your background, to a watercolor (nice day) or toner (rainy day) wallpaper (from Stamen) based on your location and weather.
A simple Hacker News widget for Android that I used as an excuse to learn about Collection Widgets.
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